Mermaid Adrift 

About Me

As my favorite spider Charlotte would say, "Greetings and Salutations!"
 My name is Madison Good, so named after the mermaid in the Tom Hanks movie Splash. I am 22, the oldest of 4 children, all raised in the Christian faith from birth. I'm from the beautiful but underrated and relatively unknown state of Idaho. I went to school at a private Classical Chrsitian school called first Foundations Academy, now The Ambrose School for 13 years and graduated there. Sports were a requirement in my home, so I played tennis, baskeball, swam competitively, and ran cross country. 

I went to college at University of Dallas, a Catholic Liberal Arts in Irving, Texas for 4 years and I have just graduated with an English degree and a concentration in Medieval and Renaissance studies. 

I have been a lifeguard, a counselor, a swim instructor, a direct care staff for mentally diabled and now a teacher abroad. I have been to various countries in Europe, Guatamala, the home country of my adopted sister and am now temporarily residing in Ho Chi Min City, Vietnam.

My relationship with Jesus Christ is lifelong commitment to me, one I still work to grow in always. I also have a lifelong love affair with fantasy, mythos, classical education and my well-beloved Lord of the Rings. Recent obsessions have been the novel Gilead, the poetry of Marianne Moore and Irish breakfast tea. 

I love discovering fantasitc stories in every medium: books, movies, TV, music, poetry, video games, anime, ect. I always keep my imagination open to listen.